They Laughed When I Gave Executive Calendars To My Customers…But Their Grins Faded When My Numbers Went Up!

25 Jan

To get the most for my advertising, I wanted to add sizzle to my it.  Now I’m shifting more and more of my ad dollars into deluxe calendars.  And its paying off!  My sales are getting growing very well.   I now  believe in targeted  advertising, going to those I want to reach, when I want to reach them, and how I want to reach them.

These beautiful calendars use a Color-Foil Etch process.  I’ve had calendars from the past twenty years, and the imprinted foil still adheres to the paper.  Amazing!  For the Antique Map calendars, Brown and Bigelow researches maps from 15th to 19th centuries, the “Golden Age” of world exploration.  Where else can you give a free map, which fetches between $1500 and $44000, to your customers?  This is real sizzle!

We all know how valuable a calendar is.  It’s a timepiece, but more importantly, it’s your billboard on your customer’s wall.  That’s Sizzle!  He or she sees the calendar every day, maybe evern several times a day.  When you divide the cost of the calendar by the number of days in the year your customer is open, it costs only pennies a day!  More Sizzle!

Now here’s the best part.  You can put your customer’s name on a calendar just for him or her!  As you know, the sight or sound of as person’s name is about the sweetest thing in the world.  Adding his/her name is Double Sizzle!

Gene Christiansen will send you a free sample of the Antique Map calendar and/or the U. S. Map calendar.  No obligation whatsoever.  Just email him at:  

Who is Gene Christiansen?  To find out, call Bill Smith, President,  at Brown and Bigelow, or his son, Bill, Jr., at: 1-800-628-1755.  They’ll tell you the Gene has been with  B & B for 24 years, and is a member of the President’s Club for sales of over a million dollars.

You can reserve as many calendars as you wish.  Reserve enough copies to do the job.  Just let Gene know.

Gene works by referral only.  If you like, please refer Gene to as many of your friends as possible.  He likes to work with pacesetters just like you.

Here’s all the details:   Gene M. Christiansen, Brown and Bigelow, Inc. Email:  Blog:  Appointments by Referral Only.  Phone No.: 480-510-0501.


A Business Executive

P. S.  For every referral which results in a sale, Gene will send you a very nice gift.  If you already have everything, he’ll send you a check, or a check in your name to your favorite charity.  Just supply the name and address of it.

Also: He can obtain executive gifts, Swiss Army watches and knives, Parker Pens, Ping Sportswear, and many many more items for you

Gene Christiansen frequently contributes business improvement online articles.


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